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luchasuzuki said: i didn’t have to write one. just talk about what you want to do and hype yourself. i just relied on my gpa.

Unfortunately, I have to. And it has to be 1,500 words. I don’t even know where to begin on what I want to do.

"I want to be a professor, and in order to get any school to hire me, I must have at least a masters degree." probably isn’t going to cut it.

Today, my 17-year-old son, Thomas, starts work at his first paid job outside of his home. He’s earning the minimum wage (and he had absolutely no problem finding a job). Without minimum-wage legislation, Thomas’s wage rate would likely be lower. He is likely a beneficiary of minimum-wage legislation.

Yet Thomas’s good fortune on the wage front comes at the expense of unknown strangers somewhere who are kept unemployed by minimum-wage legislation. At the artificially higher price per hour of labor, employers cannot afford to employ as many low-skilled workers as they would otherwise employ (or the work conditions and other terms of employment for these faceless strangers who do have jobs are made worse by minimum-wage legislation).

The sad irony is that Thomas doesn’t need an artificially higher wage as much as many now-unemployed strangers need the sub-minimum-wage pay that they would have earned (along with work experience) had the state not priced these workers out of jobs. Thomas is a white, private-school-educated kid from a leafy, wealthy suburb – and each of his parents has multiple graduate degrees and earns high pay. He, and teenagers like him, are among the last low-skilled workers to be priced out of jobs by minimum-wage legislation. Kids such as Thomas (and their middle- and upper-class families) almost certainly are net beneficiaries of minimum-wage legislation, while the huge and cruel damage done by such legislation is inflicted on people much poorer.
Don Boudreaux (via laliberty)

Tumblr followers who attend/have attended grad school: Do you have any suggestions for writing a statement of purpose? Any helpful tips on applying to a masters program in general?

I feel so clueless about formal applications like this. It’s all a charade. I’m applying because the campus is close to my house, and they’re one of the only schools in New England that offer the degree I want. Look at my transcript and maybe some of my papers and admit me. Why does this have to be complicated?


"Wow, college apps are coming up, I should get on that" I say as I continue to binge watch Parks and Rec and do nothing to secure my future.

This is exactly what I’m doing right now.


So, beavercreek released the surveillance footage of John Crawford the III.

You CLEARLY see that the entire time he had the pellet rifle, he didn’t once act aggressively with it, and that he was on his phone most of the time. It appears, to me, that he didn’t even know there were cops in the store and was literally blindsided by gunfire.

I wonder if Mike Malloy, who openly advocates calling police the second you see someone carrying a firearm and telling them “Shots fired” and hopes that the person is killed by police, is proud?

Mom’s Demand Action also advocates “SWATTING” open carriers. I wonder if they’re proud?

I wonder if people realize the implications of their suggestions?


Ok this is the last outfit one I swear!


Ok this is the last outfit one I swear!

Fuck marijuana regulation, but whatever - this woman is awesome.

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